Dresden Residence Palace (Residenzschloss)

The Residenzschloss in Dresden is a castle from the Renaissance. It is one of the largest and most famous buildings in the famous old town of Dresden. Other important buildings such as the Frauenkirche Dresden, Semper Opera House and the Zwinger are only a stone’s throw away.

Most parts of the residential castle date from the 16th and 17th centuries. During the 2nd World War, the castle was almost completely destroyed at the beginning of 1945. Since then it has been rebuilt. During the GDR this progress was slow. Since the reunification it has been going much faster. Now (in 2020) the Residenzschloss is almost back to its pre-war condition.

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As a visitor, you can of course view the Dresden Residence Palace from the outside free of charge. You can also go into an inner courtyard. The inside of the castle costs admission. There are several interesting museums and exhibitions in the Residenzschloss.

World famous is the so-called Green Vault. It is divided into the Historical Green Vault and the New Green Vault. Especially the Historic Green Vault in the Dresden Palace is one of the most worth seeing and most famous museums in Germany. There are mainly smaller things like jewellery made of precious metal and other valuable materials on display. These include, for example, a ring by Martin Luther or a cup by Ivan the Terrible. There are many great things made of ivory, silver, gold, amber and gemstone, among other things. A grandiose museum, in this kind and size unique in Germany, about 3000 exhibits.

Not much less interesting is the New Green Vault with exhibits from more recent times. The Münzkabinett is one of the largest coin collections in Germany (several 100,000 coins and the like). In the armoury, among other things, weapons and armour are on display (much to see, mostly 15th to 18th century). The Türckische Cammer is the largest collection of Ottoman art in Germany. The Kupferstich-Kabinett is a museum for drawings and the like, among others by such famous people as Dürrer, Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

Opening hours Residenzschloss Dresden 2020: The castle (museums and exhibitions) is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, Tuesday is closed (closing day).

Entrance fees Residenzschloss Dresden 2020: Unfortunately the entrance fees for all exhibitions together are quite high. The castle is the sight in Dresden with the probably highest entrance fees, but you also get a lot to see. However, all children and teenagers under 17 years have free admission.

All museums together, except the Historic Green Vault, can be visited as an adult for 12 Euros. The Historical Green Vault, without doubt the highlight of the Dresden Residence Palace, costs another 12 euros. There is a combi-ticket for both together for 21 Euro instead of 24 Euro.

For the Historic Green Vault there are only season tickets with date and time. The access is very limited, the demand for tickets is high.


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