Golden Horseman Dresden (Goldene Reiter)

The Golden Horseman is the most famous sculpture in Dresden. The monument stands in the new town of Dresden, i.e. on the other side of the Elbe from the famous old town. The Golden Horseman is the most famous Dresden August the Strong. The prince had many baroque buildings built in Dresden, including the famous Zwinger.

The rider August the Strong (also August I) sits on a horse. The monument is larger than life and gilded (gold leaf). On the monument there is an inscription: “Frederick August I. Duke of Saxony, Elector and Archmarshal of the Holy Roman Empire, King of Poland.”

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The Goldene Reiter is very well known in Saxony and it has become a kind of landmark of the city of Dresden. The monument stands on the Neustadter Markt and is, if you go over the Augustusbrücke from the old town over the Elbe, only about 200 to 300 meters away from the old town with the Zwinger and the Semper Opera.

Short film about the Golden Rider (2 min)

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