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Many tourists in Dresden take a boat trip on the Elbe. This has a long tradition on the Elbe in Dresden. Saxon steam navigation on the Elbe has existed for well over 100 years. Today there are more than 10 larger ships that carry passengers on the Elbe in and around Dresden. Many of them only make a trip of a few kilometres, but some also go as far as Meissen, Czech Republic etc.

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The boats for the boat tours around Dresden leave directly in the old town, under the Brühlsche Terrasse (see picture above). Not infrequently there are several departures per hour. It is easier to buy a ticket in advance on the internet, and you will surely have a seat. The boat tours on the Elbe in Dresden are very popular.

Some suggestions for a good boat trip in Dresden

We have selected trips for you that were well rated by participants, are not too expensive and depart directly from Dresden,

1. Boat tour Elbe castles and Blue Wonder

A very popular boat trip, the classic in Dresden, frequent departures. The tour takes a good 1.5 hours. Arrival is directly in the city centre (Altstadt)   >>>  More information and booking


2. Day trip from Dresden to Meißen

Longer trip on the Elbe to Meißen. After staying in the evening back with the classic paddle steamer. Both the trip and Meissen, the city of Meissen porcelain, are worthwhile.    >>>  More information and booking


3. Trip in the evening to Pillnitz at sunset

Great boat trip from and to Dresden in the evening. Under the famous bridge Blaues Wunder and past the Elbe castles. >>>  More information and booking


Short film about shipping on the Elbe

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