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Most of the sights of Dresden are in the old town, almost side by side. Therefore Dresden is ideal for a city tour on foot. If you want to see more than the old town, you can also book a sightseeing tour by bus. Boat tours through Dresden are also offered on boats on the Elbe.

The most important sights in Dresden are the Frauenkirche, the Residence Palace, the Zwinger, the Hofkirche and the Semper Opera House. These highlights are almost next to each other, ideal for a city walk.

From the many offers in Dresden, we have selected some tours, guided tours etc. in Dresden for you. We have paid particular attention to low prices and good ratings from participants. We have also tried out some of the tours ourselves and were delighted with them.

A very good city tour on foot with all important attractions in the old town can be booked on the Internet for only 8 Euros:  >>> More information and booking

The city tour is also available in combination with a guided tour of the Semper Opera House, the most famous opera house in Germany:  >>> More information and booking

A whole other tour in Dresden is also very popular. It is in the evening the scary “creepy tour with jailer”:  >>> More information and booking

Gladly booked and good reviews from participants has a bike tour of Dresden. You can see the old town, a trendy district in the new town, the Elbe castles etc.:  >>> More information and booking

Moreover, in a tourist city like Dresden, there are of course also many providers of bus tours. We recommend a tour in a small group and minibus. You can see the old town, the new town with Pfunds dairy and the Elbe valley with some of the famous castles. Super Tour, duration 2 to 2 1/2 hours:  >>> More information and booking

The gourmet walk through Dresden ( >>> More information and booking) and a beer tour to the famous Radeberger brewery in a suburb of Dresden ( >>> More information and booking) also have good ratings.

An exotic, but also frequently booked tour, goes with Trabis through Dresden. So-called Trabi safaris are becoming increasingly popular in East Germany (as in Berlin and Dresden):  >>> More information and booking

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