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In the years before Corona, more than 2 million tourists came to Dresden every year. The many visitors come because of the grandiose buildings in the old town such as the Zwinger, the castle, the Frauenkirche and the Semper Opera House. But some of the museums in Dresden are also world-famous. Many of them are located directly in the Old Town, but there are also great museums in other parts of the city. This article gives an overview of important museums in Dresden.

The most popular tour in Dresden: Guided tour of the
Semper Opera House (45 min)

The Semper Opera House is the most famous and most beautiful opera house in Germany. Especially the interior of the opera is beautiful. No other building in Dresden has more guided tours booked through it. You should definitely book online in advance:

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Museums in the Zwinger

The Dresden Zwinger is one of the most famous buildings in Dresden (next to the Frauenkirche and the Semperoper). Today, the building in Baroque style houses three important museums. They are among the most visited exhibitions by tourists in the museum city of Dresden. There are combination tickets for the museums in the Zwinger. But you can also buy tickets for the individual museums.

Old Masters Picture Gallery

Here you can marvel at around 700 paintings from the 15th to 18th centuries. One of the most important art museums for this epoch in the whole of Europe. Especially famous are some paintings from Italy (Renaissance), as well as from Belgium (Flanders) and Germany. Rembrandt, El Greco, Titian, Van Eyck and many more. >>> Our article about the Old Masters Museum in the Zwinger Dresden

Porcelain Museum

Great museum, old porcelain from China, the beginnings in Germany, porcelain from Meissen and later works. The collection, which was started at the beginning of the 18th century by the porcelain fan Prince August II, has a total of 20,000 pieces. A part of it is exhibited in the museum Porzellansammlung Dresden in the Zwinger. >>> Our article about the Dresden Porcelain Museum

Nearby Meissen also has the Meissen Show Workshop on porcelain and the Meissen Porcelain Museum.

Mathematical-Physical Salon

The MPS is a large museum of equipment and instruments on the subject of mathematics and physics. These include, for example, clocks, astronomical devices, measuring instruments, calculating machines and much more. >>> Our article about the Mathematical-Physical Salon

Museums in Dresden Palace

Less than 100 metres from the Zwinger is the Residence Palace. Several museums are also housed here. You buy a ticket at the entrance for all the museums you want to visit. The famous Historic Green Vault costs extra. Like the museums in the Zwinger, the museums in the Residenzschloss belong to the Dresden State Art Collection. There is also a museum pass for all museums of the art collection.

The museums in Dresden Palace include: The Royal Rooms of August the Strong, the Green Vault, the Cabinet of Copper Engravings, the Armoury and the Türckische Cammer. >>> Our article about Dresden Palace


The Albertinum is another large museum building in the old town of Dresden. It is a well-known art museum and also belongs to the Dresden State Art Collection.

The Neue Meister gallery has works of art by Caspar David Friedrich, Claude Monet, Otto Dix and Max Liebermann, among others. In addition, there is a large sculpture collection with world-famous sculptures. >>> Our article about the Albertinum Dresden

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Further museums

Dresden Museum of Transport

Also in the Old Town, directly at the Altmarkt, the large square in front of the Frauenkirche. Large museum, mainly exhibiting vehicles (railways, roads, ships, aeroplanes, bicycles, etc.). Among other things, the oldest steam locomotive in Germany. Interesting exhibition.

London Transport Museum

German Hygiene Museum Dresden

One of the most visited museums in Dresden. The exhibition not only deals with hygiene, but also with the topics of man and health in general. There is also a section for children (Dresden Children’s Museum). Just over 1 kilometre from the Old Town, easy to reach by tram.

Other museums in Dresden include the Erich Kästner Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Dresden City Museum, the Military History Museum of the German Armed Forces, the Dresden Bicycle Museum, the Dresden Telecommunications Museum, the Doll Museum and the Ethnological Museum.

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