Pound’s Milk Shop Dresden (Milchladen)

The dairy shop and dairy Pfund goes back to the founder Paul Pfund. He moved from a nearby village to Dresden in 1879 and founded a company. The aim was to supply the inhabitants of Dresden with more and better milk and dairy products. This became a large and successful company, which was later managed by his brother and sons. During the time of the Weimar Republic, Pfunds Molkerei sold up to 60,000 litres of milk and dairy products per day. Today the Pfunds Dairy shop still exists. It is considered the most beautiful dairy shop in the world. It is also probably the most famous shop in Dresden at the moment. You can find the Pfunds Dairy Shop in almost all lists of the top 10 sights of Dresden. The shop is located in the Dresdner Neustadt, about 2 kilometers from the city center in the old town.

One reason why Pfunds Dairy was so successful before the Second World War was an important invention of the company. Here at Pfunds in Dresden, condensed milk (i.e. canned milk, coffee milk) was produced for the first time in the world. Today there is only the old, small shop in Bautzner Straße 79 in the new town of Dresden. It is often called the most beautiful dairy shop in the world, it is probably also the most beautiful shop in Dresden.

Very interesting video about the dairy Pfund Dresden (Youtube, 6 min)

The shop was opened in 1891 and has been largely preserved in this form until today. The house and the shop also survived the Second World War and the bombing of Dresden without much damage.

Especially the pictures on the wall, which are made of tiles, are great. The ceramic tiles are in the art style of the neo-renaissance, which was widespread in the 19th century.

Picture: By Lvova Anastasiya (Львова Анастасия, Lvova) – Photographed by myself, public domain, link

If you visit the shop today, you will still find dairy products such as cheese. In another room of the shop you can also eat and drink on site. Among other things, there are various mixed cheese platters and the like for 1 or 2 people.

Picture: By Lvova Anastasiya (Львова Анастасия, Lvova) – Photographed by myself, public domain, link

During the time of the GDR, Pfunds Dairy and Milk Shop was first nationalised and then closed. After the reunification the shop was reopened.

Right next to the Pfunds Dairy Shop is another interesting shop, a mustard shop.

You can take the tram line 41 as a tourist to the Pfunds Dairy Shop. The stop “Pulsnitzer Straße” is only a few meters away. The old Pfund Milk Shop is still an insider tip for all tourists in Dresden, even though it can be found in almost every travel guide by now. Above all you should have a look at the walls with the ceramic tiles and taste cheese.

Opening hours Pfunds Dairy and Milk Shop: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday 10 am to 3 pm.


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