Brühlsche Terrasse Dresden (Bruhl Terrace)

The Brühlsche Terrasse is a viewing platform in the old town of Dresden above the Elbe. The almost 500-metre long structure is often called the “Balcony of Europe” or Brühl Terrace. From the terrace you have a great view over the river Elbe, Augustus-Bridge, the Elbe meadows and parts of Dresden’s new town.

The Bruhlsche Terrasse is a small pedestrian zone. On the balcony of Europa there are, among other things, trees, cafes and park benches. Stairs lead up from the old town and the banks of the Elbe to the viewing platform. There is also an ice cream parlour in summer on the Brühl Terrace.

The Brühl Terrace is very famous. In most lists it belongs to the top 10 sights in Dresden. Almost every tourist in the city on the Elbe walks along the balcony of Europe at least once and enjoys the view of the Elbe. Below, directly under the Bruhlsche Terrasse, the ships of the Sächsische Dampfschiffahrt dock. From here, holidaymakers take excursions on the Elbe, for example to the famous Blaues Wunder bridge (Blue Wonder).

The Brühl Terrace is named after Heinrich von Brühl (1700 to 1763). He was Prime Minister of Saxony and Poland under Prince August III.

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Figures Brühl’s Terrace: Length about 500 meters, height up to 10 meters, width very different between 20 and 150 meters.

Well-known sights on the balcony of Europe are the Gottfried Semper Monument and the sculpture “Earth and Planets”.

Great video about the balcony of Europe (4 min)

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