Kunsthof Dresden (Art Court)

The Kunsthof Dresden, also called Kunsthofpassage, is a newer sight in Dresden. The courtyards are located in the Outer New Town, several kilometres from the Old Town (city centre) of Dresden. The Kunsthof (Art Court) was completed in 2001 and consists of 5 individual courtyards.

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The Kunsthofpassage is between the streets Görlitzer Straße and Alaunstraße. You go in on one side and come out on the other side after crossing the courtyards. Each of the 5 small art yards has its own theme and character.

We especially liked the court of the elements. Here it is mainly about rain gutters. These are arranged very interestingly, when it rains there is a water feature (see picture above). Who can visit this courtyard during a rain shower.

Great is also the court of the animals with giraffes on the wall and monkeys. You should visit the yard of light during sunshine. Mirrors reflect the sunlight in an interesting way. There is also the Court of Metamorphoses and the Court of Fabulous Creatures.

In the surroundings of the farms is an interesting, alternative pub district with many restaurants, cafes, pubs and beer gardens. Many students spend the evening or night here. If you don’t know where to go in Dresden in the evening and are looking for a cool area, you are definitely not wrong in Alaunstraße. You can easily reach the area by tram. But be careful: We had to take a taxi back, we had forgotten the time and after 1 o’clock at night there was no tram.

Short video Kunsthofpassage (Youtube, 6 min)

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