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Dresden lies somewhat off the beaten track on a map of Germany in the southeast of Saxony. Both the Czech Republic and Poland are not too far away. Nevertheless, Dresden is easily accessible, several train lines and motorways lead to the capital of Saxony on the Elbe. Dresden also has an airport.

Arrival Dresden by car

After reunification, the network of motorways in eastern Germany has been expanded – large cities like Dresden can be reached by car from all directions.

A motorway runs from Berlin via Dresden to Prague in the Czech Republic. Another highway goes from West Germany (like Cologne) via Chemnitz to Dresden and further to Görlitz and Poland. Also from Bavaria you can reach Dresden via Hof and Plauen quickly on a motorway.

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Arrival Dresden by train

Dresden is on the Berlin-Prague route. In both directions there is a Eurocity every 2 hours. To Leipzig and further west the railway operates fast trains, also ICEs. You can also take the train from Dresden via Chemnitz to Hof or to Wroclaw in Poland. There are many other train connections to and from Dresden. Many trains stop both at Dresden Central Station about 1.5 km south of the Old Town and at Dresden Neustadt Station about 2 km north of the Old Town.

Arrival Dresden by plane

As Dresden is located somewhat off the beaten track, a trip to Dresden can be quite far from many regions in the German-speaking world. Some visitors to Dresden therefore choose to travel by plane.

From Dresden Airport, there is usually an S-Bahn (suburban railway) twice an hour to the main station via Dresden Neustadt station. Buses also run to and from Dresden Airport.

There are flights to and from most major German airports. Dresden is also connected with other European countries. There are also many flights to holiday regions such as Mallorca.

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